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Slimming Special Tea is a combination of traditional chinese herbs, producing the most satisfaction from an all natural beverage.

The herbs is triple leaf brand teas are of the finest quality to ensure max freshness and flavor.

Be sure to include plenty of fresh vegetables, fruits and water when dietry.


Ingredients : malva verticellata and permission leaf


Suggested used : Drink one cup of this tea be sore bedtime or after meals.

When first using this tea, make it weak by brewing if briefty.

Or, brew 1 tea bag in 2 cups of water for 2 minutes, remove the tea bag and drink one cup.


Notice : This tea is not recommended for children, elderly or sick people or pregnant women and nursing mothers.

Due to the unique cleansing effect that the herbs have on the body, you may experience extra bowel movements for the fast few days after taking this tea.

All natural, no coffeine, no additives

Contains : 20 tea bags. Product of China


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