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Available Flavor : Lemon Green Tea, Grapefruit Green Tea, Lychee Water, Grapefruit Lemon Fusion, Mandarin Lemon Fusion, Plum Green Tea, Honey Green Tea

Net. Wet 16.9 Oz

Lemon Green Tea
The refreshing mixture of natural lemon and Formosa green tea will awaken your senses with a tangy blast of flavor. The mildly sour hint of lemon is balanced with sweetened green tea to blend into a perfect drink that is familiar to the senses but is charged with extra taste.

Grapefruit Green Tea
The Grapefruit and green tea combination tantalizes your taste buds with the unique flavor of this semi bitter sweet citrus. Grapefruit Green tea combines the benefits of green tea and citrus to nourish your body and promote health.

Lychee Water
The wonderful taste of Lychee in every drop of water. Sexy smooth and refreshing. Make it a great day for the taste of Lychee water for you and someone you love.

Grapefruit Lemon Fusion
The citrus fusion of grapefruit and lemon will nourish your body and enhance your immunity by supplying you with a bountiful source of vitamin C. The bold citrus blend will overwhelm your body with flavor while activating your immune system.

Mandarin Lemon Fusion
The sweet and citric flavors of mandarin oranges and lemon create a unique, light, and extraordinarily refreshing drink. The soft subtle flavor of mandarin oranges is long lasting and will linger with you for the entirety of the day to remind you that there is time to enjoy and relax.

TAOTEA Plum Green Tea
The exotic hint of plum in this green tea will create a lasting aftertaste of pleasure in your mouth. This sweet and rich blend is a unique, one-of-kind drink that will leave you asking for more.

TAOTEA Honey Green Tea
The sweetness of TaoTea Honey Green Tea will refresh your senses and cleanse your body with the nutrients of fresh green tea and the wholesome sweetness of honey.

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